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Heroes: An “Eh” for Effort

Not bad enough to make me resolve to stop watching the show, but not that great.

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Black Gate 10 Reviewed

Some kind words about “A Book of Silences” from Sherwood Smith (sartorias) in her review of Black Gate 10 at Tangent Online. Leaving Morlock and myself out of it, I thought it was a pretty strong issue also. Tangent‘s purview … Continue reading

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Nomen Omen?

It looks like the prophesied cash cow, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, might not yield much in the way of milk.

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An Unpaid Political Announcement

It’s not my practice to get political in this blog, but I feel compelled to point out that something truly weird is happening in the US conservative movement. Here and here Harvey C. Mansfield is openly advocating “one man rule” … Continue reading

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The Double Tongued Word Wrester (an online dictionary of neologisms; LiveJournal syndication here) has really been on a roll lately. bullgeschichte Part of Speech: n. Quotation: “’Bullgeschichte’ is the methodological tool best exemplified by wikipediasts and dilettantes. The method entails … Continue reading

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Five Questions, Four Answers

This week’s Writer’s Five. I punked out on last week’s questions, but I couldn’t pass up the Blade Runner reference in this week’s set. (Answered for Morlock, as usual.) 1 – What would s/he consider the ultimate gift? Going home. … Continue reading

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Base Details

Howard Jones (a.k.a. bg-editor) posted an interview this week at the Black Gate website. It’s with an opinionated semi-professional fantasy writer, but the questions are good questions, I think. If I had been thinking straight I would have remembered to … Continue reading

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