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Black Gate and Synchronicity

Last weekend I was clearing out a long-neglected corner of our house when I found a letter addressed to me. “Weird,” I said to myself, looking at the envelope. “That looks like my own writing, too.” Then I realized: it … Continue reading

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Flashing Swords Unsheathed Again

In good news for readers of adventure fiction, the late lamented e-zine Flashing Swords, founded by the irreplaceable Howard A. Jones, is relaunching in Fall 2007 with a new slate of editors. Candidly, I don’t know the work of the … Continue reading

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Star Trek: The Zombie Voyages

This probably falls into that very large category of “Things Everybody Knows Except Me” but apparently a group of dedicated fans has been producing a series of webisodes that continue the original “Five Year Mission” of the Enterprise. This entails … Continue reading

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This and That and That Over There

a.) “Sword and Planet” stories and Edgar Rice Burroughs have both come up in recent threads on the usually (too) quiet swordandsorcery community. 2.) The wise and the good tell us to “write with nouns and verbs, not with adjectives … Continue reading

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35W Bridge over the Mississippi has collapsed.

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