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Bigfoot Revealed!

Sorry I’ve been so silent lately. I made it to Rome, as the picture below should reveal… provided I can get LiveJournal to display it. (The LiveJournal interface seems a bit glitchy on my Linux-flavor of Firefox.) I kept seeing … Continue reading

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Here’s a short top-ten list I wrote for Return of the Sword‘s virtual book tour–a project I somehow lost track of as April got weirder and more intense. So this may have appeared elsewhere in the blogosphere recently, but I … Continue reading

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Paul Krugman shows his genre street cred with shout outs to Charles Stross and other writers of sf where the science is that dismal one. I think he’s right about Beyond This Horizon, too–not one of RAH’s greatest hits. An … Continue reading

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Universe R+1 Etc.

bg_editor had a great post recently, which provoked a fascinating comment thread, about Universe R, a parallel timeline where certain works that didn’t survive in our world remain intact, and where works that didn’t get made in our world (but … Continue reading

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