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A Meme, a Theme, a Bad Dream

1. A Meme Stop me if you’ve heard this one: * Grab the nearest book. * Open the book to page 56. * Find the fifth sentence. * Post the text of the next two to five sentences in your … Continue reading

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Computer Death, Dreams, and Futuristic Lexicography

1. Sorry I’ve been so silent here lately. Part of that has been due to technology: my beloved but ailing eMac finally became unusable, so I took part of my advance for Blood of Ambrose and bought a new iMac; … Continue reading

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Epigram: Peace

Beneath the bloody sky, upon his mountain throne, the Stalker waits for wolf-days and his hands-of-fire bide their time.

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The Palin Stars of the Morning

When I heard that John McCain had picked a glamorous, gun-toting, motorcycle-riding, crusading woman to be his running mate (named Sara[h] P., no less), I have to admit I got chills–not altogether unpleasant ones. This is an archetype that powerfully … Continue reading

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Rumor has it that these guys will be lurking somewhere in the Great Black Swamp tonight. We may have to brave the mosquitoes and the Headless Motorcyclists and whatnot and go see them.

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Black Gate 12 x 2

Some new reviews of Black Gate 12 up: by Sherwood Smith at The Fix (thanks sartorias!) and by Lois Tilton at The Internet Review of Science Fiction (registration required). Both are pretty generous toward my story (so my egocentric universe … Continue reading

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