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Caliban and his Mirror: Fantasy and Politics (or not)

Deep Genre has had a couple of interesting posts lately about political values in epic fantasy–specifically the old “SF Diplomat” question of whether fantasy is inherently reactionary. The first was (by Kate Elliott, and the next by Lois Tilton; both … Continue reading

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Since Nobody’s Asking…

…here are my thoughts on the US election. 1. The Civil War is finally over. Not only has a black man been elected president by a dramatic margin in a turnout of historic proportions, but he carried at least two, … Continue reading

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“You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Room”

I don’t usually post progress reports on my work, because it tends to be too depressing. (Dear LiveJournal: I was going to write tonight, but then “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” came on and I forgot. Will do better tomorrow, since … Continue reading

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Swords Against Retcon: The Adventures of Alyx

I’ve been feeling kind of semi-literate in my chosen field lately. So, instead of rereading heroic fantasy I’ve already read (which is one of my big occupations: I strongly believe in rereading), in the last year or so I’ve been … Continue reading

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