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Bad News, Good News

1. The bad news is that Theo, the newest addition to the Black Gate group-blog, is also the odious Vox Day. I object to the politicization of everything, and I think there should be a way for people who disagree … Continue reading

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Narnier Than Thou

At (cookies must be enabled) there’s an interview of Laura Miller, talking about her new booklength essay, The Magician’s Book: A Skeptic’s Adventures in Narnia. I expected to enjoy the interview more than I did. Both Traister (the interviewer) … Continue reading

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The Power of Milk

Frank Robinson: an unexpected (for me) connection between sf and assassinated SF politician Harvey Milk. I read Robinson’s The Power as a kid because I had just seen the film version on TV and I thought it was the coolest … Continue reading

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Enge vs. Dyson Sphere

The Dyson Sphere is roughly the same age as I am. Of course, the Dyson sphere is roughly 1 A.U. in radius and would be the most tremendous achievement of any society producing it, and similar claims are never made … Continue reading

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Facebook (the internet community site) officially passed what arbiters of cool referred to as its “freshness date” early this afternoon. Signs point to one James Enge as the responsible party. “Him joining was just sort of the tipping point for … Continue reading

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The Blogger at the Gates of Blog

My latest entry at the Black Gate group blog is up here. It was going to be a double review of REH’s Almuric and Otis Adelbert Kline’s The Swordsman of Mars, both of which I read recently in the handsome … Continue reading

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