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Snow Business

Sorry I’ve been so long getting back to people. My internet access got knocked out by the weather (apparently) and I wasn’t able to log on for 36 hours. However, I did get a lot of proofreading done, so it … Continue reading

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Get Back to Where You Once Beblogged

My Blog Gate post for the week is up. It’s a predictable rant about the Grauniad‘s list of sf/f novels that “everyone must read”. Executive summary: “What about Binky ‘Bosco’ Sorenson? Greatest science fiction writer who ever lived. Knew nothing … Continue reading

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Last Night at the Movies

I dreamed I was in the back seat of a car driving north along the Mississippi. It was late afternoon. I remember looking eastward and seeing the broad water glare suddenly with fiery light and there was a roar unlike … Continue reading

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Turn In This Crooked Way…

I have no idea how many words I produced in this weekend’s writing binge, but I took the last step tonight on This Crooked Way (the sequel to Blood of Ambrose). I’ll have to read through it a couple times … Continue reading

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Likely to Be Unpleasant Reading

Last night, my daughter and I were watching the CBS show Criminal Minds–which, I guess, was our first mistake. It may be the weakest of the successful shows in the procedural crime genre–often the plot hinges on profiling (a psychic … Continue reading

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I Fought the Blog and the Blog Won

I dashed off some ideas about the perennial bone-of-snarkation, definitions of sf/f genres, and posted them at the Blog Gate. In other BG news, Howard Jones reports that Black Gate 13 has gone to press.

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A Day for Pilgrim Shadows

This guy misspells Poe’s middle name, but I like the narration and the low-tech animation. King’s last speech.

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“Goodnight Children, Everywhere”

1. -2° (F) at the moment outside–up from a low of -8°. Feels almost like home. My son, a sun-belter by temperament despite his Minnesota roots, hates the guts out of days like this, but I’m kind of enjoying the … Continue reading

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Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit

Patrick McGoohan has made his final escape, it seems.

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The Blog and Winding Road

My latest post at the Blog Gate is up. It’s about urban fantasy which has been a frequent topic in the blogosphere of late and which I had about half an idea about.

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