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FF2 & the PKD

Fast Forward 2, from intrepid editor Lou Anders, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Philip K. Dick Award. Unless I’m miscounting, this is only the second third time a fiction anthology has been shortlisted (the other two being Leviathan Three … Continue reading

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From the Frontiers of Sleep Deprivation Research…

A particularly painful form of insomnia occurs when the subject, finally fallen asleep after a long and restless night, wakes himself with his own snores.

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Hot Neptuna, etc.

1. Hot fast Neptunes. Either it’s Pelops’ tell-all autobiography, or Systemic’s top exoplanet story of the year. (Seen at james_nicoll‘s LJ.) 2. Zack Handlen has started reviewing the original (i.e. actual) Star Trek series at the AV Club; he starts … Continue reading

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Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blogbird

There are actually no Wallace Stevens references, this time (I should have used the above title last week) but, anyway, my latest Blog Gate post is up. It’s about episodic novels or, as everyone else on the planet calls them, … Continue reading

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Preditors, Editors, and Pimpers

I was passing by the Preditors and Editors poll to vote for someone else (seriously: Flint & Freer’s Slow Train to Arcturus), when I thought to check something and… it turns out one of my stories, “The Red Worm’s Way,” … Continue reading

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It looks like F&SF is switching to a bimonthly schedule. (According to Ansible.) Hard to see this as a good thing. (I’m not knocking the decision, which seems like a reasonable response to intense economic pressures. I’m just saying.)

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Make Every Leap Second Count!

2008: a big year for the good and the bad in my life. Which I guess is how I like it, on unbalance, so set me up another one, bartender. The voice on this one isn’t much, but I like … Continue reading

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