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Nebulous at Best

The final ballot for this year’s Nebulas is up here. I guess I have some speed-reading to do before I vote…

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Probably should have mentioned this already…

I’ll be participating in Flycon, the online convention that starts two weeks from tomorrow. [edited for accuracy–thanks Sherwood!]

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Blish Gate

My latest Blog Gate post is up, this one a kind of review of James Blish’s The Warriors of Day (a.k.a. The Sword of Xota).

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Oedipus: Now More Complex Than Ever!

It looks like a recent study that seemed to support Freud’s Oedipal theory slipped up, as it were. In related news, it would be great if a Ben Stiller movie, starring Anne Meara, entitled Mother Focker had just been greenlighted. … Continue reading

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Three Things (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

1. I hesitate to mention this, given a couple of odd threads that popped up, as it were, on my last post. But if they hadn’t, I would have mentioned this anyway, so I do so. If you follow me … Continue reading

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One problem solved; another noted.

1. I had a dumb frustration dream last night: went to the grocery store, couldn’t find a cart–that sort of thing; nothing worth blogging about. But there was one memorable line in it. A bunch of guys were standing around … Continue reading

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Mars, Morlock, McGoohan

1. This would have been so cool! 2. This actually is cool, at least to my somewhat unbelieving eyes: the full jacket for Blood of Ambrose. (Dominic Harman blogs a bit about the process behind the cover here.) I like … Continue reading

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Four Fates

1. John Scalzi’s AMC column is about the long odds against any book being adapted into a movie. He couches it as bad news, but I don’t see it that way. In my feckless youth, I pined for my favorite … Continue reading

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Great Clomping Foot of Blogism

I just posted my Blog Gate entry of the week. This one is about not beginning with the beginning, among other things.

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Prélude à l’après-midi d’un Morlock

I’ve been spending practically my entire working afternoon trying to record a two-minute intro for the Audible version of Blood of Ambrose, after a couple of days of false starts due to technical snafus. (Until this megillah started, I had … Continue reading

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