Sandtrout Are Served at the RTCA Dinner

I expected this to be all over my flist today, what with the densely layered genre refs (especially a great turn on the novel Dune around the 11 minute mark). But maybe people are paying more attention to things that are really happening. Which, on balance, is probably a Good Thing.

But for those who need a break, here’s John Hodgman (the Daily Show’s “resident Expert”, PC from the Mac commercials, etc) at the Radio and TV Correspondents Dinner.

As he mentions, Obama was his warm-up act, and the President did pretty well too. He’s no John McCain as far as telling jokes goes; he has trouble keeping a straight face. But the Rahm-vs-camel joke was pretty good, and there were some other nicely placed zingers.

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4 Responses to Sandtrout Are Served at the RTCA Dinner

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like Hodgman, but it takes him a while to get going on this one. Good geek stuff, though.

    I think both McCain and Obama are horrible at delivering jokes. Those speeches are much funnier when read the next day.

    —Jeff Stehman

    • JE says:

      I like McCain’s poker face and his willingness to joke at his own expense. But I agree that neither of them could make a living at this stuff.

  2. feicht says:

    Kwisatz-Haderach-in-Chief indeed

    Pfft. This guy doesn’t know about the Shai Hulud, Thumpers, or the Water of Life? And he’s supposed to run the country? No wonder he can’t figure out how to slip healthcare past the Republican gauntlet.


    • JE says:

      Re: Kwisatz-Haderach-in-Chief indeed

      He may be a crypto-geek, keeping his geekcraft secret for political reasons. But I suspect he’s really a wonk, hardly a geek at all. You must imagine me weeping into my spice-beer as I type this.

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