Truthiness and Kindling

1. My Blog Gate post for the week is up. This one is about legends, the pirate queen of Ireland, phlegm and other types of humor.

2. Morlock may be immune from fire, but he has been Kindled.

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James Enge is the author of the World-Fantasy-Award-nominated novel Blood of Ambrose (Pyr, April 2009). His latest book is The Wide World's End. His short fiction has appeared in Swords and Dark Magic (Harper Collins, 2010), Black Gate, the Stabby-Award-winning anthology Blackguards and elsewhere.
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3 Responses to Truthiness and Kindling

  1. peadarog says:

    Of course the exchange took place in Latin since neither spoke the other’s language. But the real international language, it seems, is snot. Who knew?

    • JE says:

      I wonder how much their Latin sounded like the same language–English vowels had shifted pretty strongly away from the continental norm by then. But it would have been more effective than most of the alternatives (except, of course, snot).

      • peadarog says:

        Yes, English vowels had shifted, while Irish vowels were still pretty close to the continental norm. But maybe Rome still had some influence on Ireland and England wouldn’t have been that far from it. Would be interested to know…

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