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Who Gods There?

My Blog Gate post of the week is now up, this one a reread of a golden moldy, “The Elder Gods” by “Don A. Stuart” (really John W. Campbell jr).

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It’s not a strain of swine flu, and it’s not the dance craze that all the kids are doing. It’s my latest “Babel Clash” post, and it’s here.

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Not New Things In The News!

1. Charles Stross discovers that the writers of Star Trek: The Next Generation didn’t even pretend to themselves that the science of the show was good. I feel his pain, I guess. I just feel it somewhat remotely, as it … Continue reading

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More Babble Than Clash?

I just posted my first “Babel Clash” entry, this one modestly titled “Enge v. Elves”.

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Burning Through Those 15 Minutes

1. I was scrolling through a newsfeed and found this article. “Pus!” I muttered. “I was going to write something like that for!” Then I realized: Hey, I did. 2. Matt Sturges (of Midwinter and Jack of Fables fame) … Continue reading

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Wise Words from the Big Garbanzo

“There is nothing so unbelievable that it may not become probable by putting it into words.”–Cicero, Paradoxes. (Sed nihil est tam incredibile, quod non dicendo fiat probabile.) Fantasists and spin-doctors live by this saying, even if they’ve never heard it.

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Six Words.

Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

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Return of the Blog Gate

After well over a month of slacking, I’ve finally posted a new Blog Gate entry, this one a dignified whine about whiners, specifically the type of person who says (and people have been saying this for as long as I … Continue reading

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Interview with the Enge-pire

After not posting through most of September, I seem to be posting a lot lately, but I should mention that I was recently interviewed by Randolph Carter of “Grinding to Valhalla” (here). And the guys from “Sci Fi Guys Book … Continue reading

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Romeo and Squirrliet

Two squirrels, both alike in dignity, in the Great Black Swamp, where we lay our scene, from innate squirr’liness run up two trees in one synchronic rush ‘cross lawny green. What antic maze, more mad than mating fit, posses’t the … Continue reading

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