Portraits of Dorian Gray’s Portrayer

Not much strictly classical content at “HEY, OSCAR WILDE! IT’S CLOBBERIN’ TIME”, a site where artists render their favorite writers and/or literary characters.

But here’s a nice sort of “Classic Comics” take on Homer and his two big books, by Eric Shanower (of “Age of Bronze” fame”)

And an unhappy Odysseus on Calypso’s isle by Yannick Paquette

If Achilles is not killing Hector in this stark rendering by Gabriele Pennacchioli, I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe his DVR failed to record Glee or something.

Only one Muse is depicted in this now-sizeable catalogue, and she’s rendered twice: Thalia. Maybe there are a lot of Ovid (or Martial) fans out there?

If you like any of these, you’ll want to browse through the whole site. There are some great depictions of Dorothy Parker, for instance, and C.S. Lewis, cartoony but somehow haunting. Lots of great takes on Mark Twain (a visual subject that’s almost too easy) and Hunter S. Thompson (who elicits a greater variety of images). And buckets of Harry-Potter-related pictures (not all equally interesting, although I liked this one by Humberto Ramos).

A thousand thanks to jreynolds for the link.

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