I Didn’t Know It Until Yesterday…

… but it’s been me and ParanĂ  Coffee all along. Proof beyond the jump.

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The Sting of Truth (or, Shanks for All the Fish)

Despite appearances from this blog, I’m not over in Rome by myself; I’m with a group of students on my university’s ASA Italy program. I won’t usually be blogging about them, because they or their lawyers might not like it. But one of them said something at lunch the other day that was too awesome . . . → Read More: The Sting of Truth (or, Shanks for All the Fish)


It struck me yesterday that I’ve been in Rome for a week without posting anything. A lot of bloggable things have been seen and done, but most will be lost to history, I’m afraid.

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These things are guaranteed thinglike, or your money back, provided you paid none.

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Looking into the Abyss

I shed no tears for Osama bin Laden. If this gives the US government a reason to get out of Afghanistan (where no one wants us and where we don’t want to be) and Iraq (where major combat operations ended eight years ago, remember?), then maybe that vile bloodstained scumbag will not have died in . . . → Read More: Looking into the Abyss