About Enge and Ambrose

James Enge in the Villa Borghese in Rome, summer 2008.

James Enge in the Villa Borghese in Rome, summer 2008.

That’s me, James Enge, at the left. (Or it was, 6 or 7 years ago.) I’ve written Blood of Ambrose (nominated for the World Fantasy Award in 2010), This Crooked WayThe Wolf Age, and A Tournament of Shadows, a trilogy recently completed with the publication of The Wide World’s End. I’ve also written a fair amount of short fiction, and actually published some of it (which is sort of the tricky part). You can find some of the older stuff (previews and sometimes entire stories) linked from the stories page of this website.

In my day job, I teach classics (Latin, a little Greek, a lot of myth and Roman civilization) at a medium-sized public university in Ohio. Since Wikipedia knows, there is no reason you should not know that “Enge” is a “pseudoplume or nom de nym”; those interested in my not-so-secret identity can find it here.

The blog, which has not been updated a lot recently, has been and will continue to be mostly about genre fiction and related issues, with a dollop or two of whatever seems interesting to me at the time. Although I have certain fairly extreme political opinions, I won’t usually vent them here. When I do, though, I’ll try to be civil and will expect the same in return from people who want to argue with me. Comments on the blog are closed (due to the unacceptable amounts of spam that sites like these accumulate) but the blog is mirrored at LiveJournal, where you can comment if you like.

Feel free to get in touch with me via Facebook, which is where I usually show my face online these days. Technically, I’m on Twitter also, but I don’t use it much. The last time I was able to express a coherent thought in 140 characters… well, the internet hadn’t been invented yet.