This is the home-base online of fantasist James Enge. See here for more about me. My booklength work up to now has largely focused on Morlock Ambrosius and his turbulent circle of friends, relations, and enemies: including an open-ended series about Morlock in his days of exile, and a just-completed trilogy about his early years as a defender of the Wardlands. See below for more about those works. The mosaic of Morlocks in the page header is composed of work by Steve Stone and Dominic Harman, not to mention the skilled production staff at Pyr Books. Another guy who has created great images of Morlock is Chuck Lukacs, who illustrated the stories that appeared originally in Black Gate magazine.

You can find some stuff related to my short fiction (previews and sometimes entire stories) linked from the stories page of this website. Engeblog, my infrequently updated blog on this site, has its comments closed, due to the massive amounts of spam that sites like this collect. But it’s mirrored at LiveJournal, where you can comment if you like. Also, feel free to get in touch with me via Facebook, or  Twitter.

New For 2016

Ambrosii: Three Stories (September 2016)

Unicorn-killers, corpse-eating ghouls, unsavory family members–the world of the Ambrosii is full of magical menaces. Three stories set in the world of the World Fantasy Award nominated BLOOD OF AMBROSE.


Monsters: Four Stories (October 2016)

A quartet of dark fantasies featuring vampires, ghosts, murderers, and Morlock Ambrosius.


Pirates: Three Stories (November 2016)

Three stories of mayhem, magic, and weird science.


Available Now:

A Tournament of Shadows


By a knight of ghosts and shadows

I summoned am to tourney

Ten leagues beyond the wide world’s end–

Methinks it is no journey.

Tom O’Bedlam’s Song


III. The Wide World’s End


cover: Steve Stone

The tale of the early days of Morlock Ambrosius—master of all magical makers, wandering swordsman, and son of Merlin—concludes!

From beyond the northern edge of the world, the Sunkillers (undying enemies of everything that lives and breathes and is an individual) are reaching into the sky of Laent to drain out its light and warmth. Their hope is to scrape sky, land, and sea clean of mortal life and return to where they once dwelled, before the first rising of the sun. Against them stand only the Graith of Guardians, defenders of the peaceful anarchy of the Wardlands. But the agents of the Sunkillers are abroad even in the Wardlands: plotting, betraying, murdering among the Graith.

Married now for a century, Morlock Ambrosius and Aloê Oaij will take different paths to counter the threat. As Aloê ferrets out the enemy within the Graith, Morlock joins forces with his sister, the formidable Ambrosia Viviana, and crosses the monster-haunted plains of the deep north to confront the Sunkillers in their own realm. Morlock and Aloê think their parting is temporary, but it is final. They may or may not save the world, but they will not save each other, or themselves.

“Adventure, intrigue and straight-up exuberant sword and sorcery remain hallmarks of this enjoyable series.”–Publishers Weekly

II. Wrath-Bearing Tree


cover: Steve Stone

Into the Unguarded Lands . . .

The masked powers of Fate and Chaos are killing gods in the land of Kaen, facing the Wardlands across the Narrow Sea.

Vocates Aloe Oaij and Morlock Ambrosius go into the Unguarded Lands, on a mission to find the reasons for the godslaying, and to avert any threat to the lands the Graith of Guardians has sworn to protect.

After crash-landing on the hostile coast of Kaen, they will face vengeful frightened gods, a calmly murderous dragon, a demon called Andhrakhar, and a bitter old necromancer named Merlin Ambrosius.

Amid these dangers they will find that they can trust no one but themselves—and each other.

[sample chapter here]

“… contains some highly entertaining stories, and provides a great chance to spend some more time with Morlock, who is one of the most entertaining characters in sword and sorcery.” –Benjamin Wald at SFRevu


I. A Guile of Dragons


cover: Steve Stone

It’s dwarves vs dragons in this origin story for Enge’s signature character, Morlock Ambrosius!

Before history began, the dwarves of Thrymhaiam fought against the dragons as the Longest War raged in the deep roads beneath the Northhold. Now the dragons have returned, allied with the dead kings of Cor and backed by the masked gods of Fate and Chaos.

The dwarves are cut cut off from the Graith of Guardians in the south. Their defenders are taken prisoner or corrupted by dragonspells. The weight of guarding the Northhold now rests on the crooked shoulders of a traitor’s son, Morlock syr Theorn (also called Ambrosius).

But his wounded mind has learned a dark secret in the hidden ways under the mountains. Regin and Fafnir were brothers, and the Longest War can never be over…

[sample chapter here]

“…the perfect blend of original ideas, beautiful prose and action. It’s a book I found myself taking my time feasting on.” —The Qwillery



Morlock in Exile


Blood of Ambrose

cover: Dominic Harman

Behind the king’s life stands the menacing Protector, and beyond him lies the Protector’s Shadow…

Centuries after the death of Uthar the Great, the throne of the Ontilian Empire lies vacant. The late emperor’s brother-in-law and murderer, Lord Urdhven, appoints himself Protector to his nephew, young King Lathmar VII and sets out to kill anyone who stands between himself and mastery of the empire, including (if he can manage it) the king himself and his ancient but still formidable ancestress, Ambrosia Viviana. When Ambrosia is accused of witchcraft and put to trial by combat, she is forced to play her trump card and call on her brother, Morlock Ambrosius–€”stateless person, master of all magical makers, deadly swordsman, and hopeless drunk.

As ministers of the king, they carry on the battle, magical and mundane, against the Protector and his shadowy patron. But all their struggles will be wasted unless the young king finds the strength to rule in his own right and his own name.

[sample chapter here]

Nominated for the World Fantasy Award, 2010


This Crooked Way

cover: Dominic Harman

Morlock Ambrosius returns!

Travelling alone in the depths of winter, Morlock Ambrosius (bitterly dry drunk, master of all magical makers, wandering swordsman, and son of Merlin Ambrosius and Nimue Viviana) is attacked by an unknown enemy.

To unmask his enemy and end the attacks he must travel a long crooked way through the world: past the soul-eating Boneless One, past a subtle and treacherous master of golems, past the dragon-taming Khroi, past the predatory cities of Sarkunden and Aflraun, past the demons and dark gnomes of the northern woods.

Soon he will find that his enemy wears a familiar face, and that the duel he has stumbled into will threaten more lives than his own, leaving nations shattered in its chaotic wake.

And at the end of his long road waits the death of a legend.

[sample chapter here]

“…a smart and entertaining read. I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend This Crooked Way to my friends and James Enge is certainly an author I would keep my eye on in the future.”–Dominic Cilli at SFSite

The Wolf Age

cover: Dominic Harman

“Spear-age, sword-age:

shields are shattered.

Wind-age, wolf-age:

before the world founders

men will show mercy to none.”

Wuruyaaria: city of werewolves, whose raiders range over the dying northlands, capturing human beings for slaves or meat. Wuruyaaria: where a lone immortal maker wages a secret war against the Strange Gods of the Coranians. Wuruyaaria: a democracy where some are more equal than others, and a faction of outcast werewolves is determined to change the balance of power in a long, bloody election year.

Their plans are laid; the challenges known; the risks accepted. But all schemes will shatter in the clash between two threats few had foreseen and none had fully understood: a monster from the north on a mission to poison the world, and a stranger from the south named Morlock Ambrosius.

[sample chapter here]

“Enge’s elegant prose perfectly captures Morlock’s terse and morbid nature, which thrives in the vicious, honorable werewolf nation. Numerous intimate, complicated, and contentious relationships provide depth and gravity to the grim tale, which will enthrall fans of the dark and sinister.”–Publishers Weekly (starred review)