The Four Stigmata of PKD

It looks like there’s going to be a collection of four Philip K. Dick novels in the Library of America “You are now officially a dead writer of classic stature” series of tombstone-heavy volumes.

Here’s the story at GalleyCat:

Jonathan Lethem is doing the notes but stops short of saying he’s the editor. It’s too bad there are no short stories: “The Father Thing”, for instance.

They’ve already done a Lovecraft collection, so it looks like the ice has been broken for sf/f. Future volumes I’d like to see (but don’t expect to): Fritz Leiber, Leigh Brackett, Theodore Sturgeon, Robert Heinlein, Roger Zelazny, Kuttner & Moore…

[JE drifts so far from consensus reality that he can’t reach the keyboard]


Addendum (11/29/06): You don’t actually have to be dead to be LibraryOfAmericized. Philip Roth is an example. He also writes sf/f, although it’s never marketed as such: e.g. Our Gang (part of which takes place in Hell), The Counter-Life, The Plot Against America etc.

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