The Narrow Road to the Deep Nebula

Seen at James Nicoll’s blog: all the Nebula-award-winning novels hymned in haiku.

But it only went up to 2004, so the latest winner (Joe Haldeman’s Camouflage) isn’t included. Here’s a shot at haikuifying it:

The alien shark
changes its gender to “her.”
Chameleon’s bad.

Because this sort of thing is hard to stop, here’s one for the 2005 Hugo winner:

Jonathan was strange
and so was Mr. Norrell.
King George: stranger still.

I haven’t even looked at Wilson’s Spin, so I’ll lay down my pen here and (like Basho) walk away northward in the autumn rain.

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James Enge is the author of the World-Fantasy-Award-nominated novel Blood of Ambrose (Pyr, April 2009). His latest book is The Wide World's End. His short fiction has appeared in Swords and Dark Magic (Harper Collins, 2010), Black Gate, the Stabby-Award-winning anthology Blackguards and elsewhere.
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