Omnia mutantur, nihil interit.

Jane Jewell reports on SFFNet that Sterling E. Lanier has died.

She doesn’t give a source for the report, so one can hope that the rumor has been greatly exaggerated.

Back in the 1970s I was extremely fond of the Brigadier Ffellowes stories–a few were still appearing in F&SF when I was a teenager. I should see if I can track down copies of the ones I don’t have (nearly all of them) and reread them. Hiero’s Journey was a good (and old-fashioned even when it was published) book of the Hey-the-Apocalypse-happened-and-things-are-pretty-cool type. I was not so crazy about the sequel, Unforsaken Hiero. There were rumors of a third Hiero novel, which we will never see now, I guess.

[edit: Further circumstantial details with an obituary here.]

[further edit (4/3/07): Fred Saberhagen has died also . I decided not to make a new post about this, although I’m a fan of 2 or 3 of his long-running series, because people who actually knew him and whose voices carry farther than mine does were already mourning him. Also because I felt that the blog was starting to sound like an old man querulously reading the obituaries. “Eh. Binky ‘Bronco’ Sorensen died. That bastard owed me three bucks!” etc.]

[And Beverly Sills is dead as well. That’s three, so they can stop now, right?]

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