Lewis and Clark Discover Christmas

Here’s hoping you’re having a good Christmas/Hannukah/Newtonmass/Thursday. It’s been a pretty good Christmas so far here in the Great Black Swamp. Our new cats, Lewis and Clark, are seen here discovering the holiday, unheard of before by the feline species (as far as they know).

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James Enge is the author of the World-Fantasy-Award-nominated novel Blood of Ambrose (Pyr, April 2009). His latest book is The Wide World's End. His short fiction has appeared in Swords and Dark Magic (Harper Collins, 2010), Black Gate, the Stabby-Award-winning anthology Blackguards and elsewhere.
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4 Responses to Lewis and Clark Discover Christmas

  1. renesears says:

    They look very exploratory. Hope your tree is still standing. (And also, merry christmas &etc.)

    • JE says:

      We’ve lost a few ornaments, but the tree is still standing (and the cats are still glass-free)… at least so far.

      Merry Christmas back at you!

  2. newguydave says:

    All the best to you and yours, including the spy vs. spy cats.

    • JE says:

      Thanks! The same to you and yours.

      (They are always sneaking up on each other, too.)

      [edited to add:]

      (The cats, I mean. Maybe we should have named one Sergio, the other Aragones.)

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