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Vashti Than Empires and More Slow

From the “Not Everything True Is Useful” File: “Nancy Pelosi is not Haman, Barack Obama is not King Ahashuerus, and John Boehner is certainly not Queen Esther.”–Barney Frank So who, in this scenario, isn’t Mordecai? Rahm Emmanuel? Rush Limbaugh? I’m … Continue reading

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Night ‘Trane

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Happy Friday the 13th

As a chaser to my “metacriticism” Blog Gate post: here’s Morgan Holmes on Blish/Atheling on Poul Anderson. I don’t think MH is really being fair to Blish, but then Blish wasn’t being fair to Anderson either. What comes around goes … Continue reading

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Ursula K. Bloguin

My Blog Gate post for the week has gone up: some thoughts on rereading Le Guin’s The Language of the Night. There’s some interesting discussion going on around Judith Berman’s latest Blog Gate post about the practical issues of women … Continue reading

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That’s Not Very Nice!

My home state is apparently planning to invade Iran. I’m not sure what the casus belli is–possibly something about lutefisk, one of the few things that can cause a Minnesotan to leap off the twelve steps of rational sobriety and … Continue reading

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Ambrose is Ambrose is Ambrose is Ambrose…

I don’t know if it’s come up before here, but my novel Blood of Ambrose is due out from Pyr in April. Publishers Weekly gives it a review today that glows in dark colors. I was startled and pleased. (I … Continue reading

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“I wish I’d said that.” “You will, Enge; you will.”

A big volume of Oscar Wilde’s stuff has been my bedside book for a couple days. Here’s a nifty from his essay “The Decay of Lying” (by which he really seems to mean fantasy–if OW ever really can be said … Continue reading

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Thing 1 and Thing 2

1. The AV Club is still running its series of reviews of Star Trek: The Series Without a Subtitle. Over at the Pyr-O-Mania blog a posted some semi-thoughts about the modern paucity of cool character actors like Ted (“Lurch”) Cassidy, … Continue reading

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James Enge: Behind the Musing

Jason Waltz tells me my author-interview for “The Red Worm’s Way” has gone live at the Rogues Blades site. It is there that I finally tell all about everything, except on the questions I forgot to answer.

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It Was a Dark and Bloggy Night

My latest post at the Blog Gate is up. It’s about sf/f criticism (not Bulwer-Lytton, sadly). And it looks like I’m going to be late to my first class, so I guess this is the morning I try out those … Continue reading

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