Adaptations: Bad and Good

1. This is bad. What is M. Night Shyamalan thinking? I’m speaking as one of the three people on the face of this planet who actually liked The Village. But I’m about done with him, at this point.

2. This is good. Happy 191st birthday, Emily Brontë.

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James Enge is the author of the World-Fantasy-Award-nominated novel Blood of Ambrose (Pyr, April 2009). His latest book is The Wide World's End. His short fiction has appeared in Swords and Dark Magic (Harper Collins, 2010), Black Gate, the Stabby-Award-winning anthology Blackguards and elsewhere.
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4 Responses to Adaptations: Bad and Good

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ll hold judgment until I actually hear what he’s thinking. In the meantime, having never seen the show, the trailer looks wicked cool, (but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a scene in which someone crying “racism!” gets hit by a stray fireball).

    You’ll have to visit my wife and me sometime to watch The Village. It’d be good to have us all in one spot. We also enjoy Lady in the Water, but won’t ever bother with The Happening again.

    –Jeff Stehman

    • JE says:

      I still haven’t seen “Lady…” or “Happening”–I blinked and missed them when they hit local theaters.

      Counting you and your wife, there may be as many as five, then–my kids also liked “The Village”. I’ll bring them along if we ever bring off a Night-Fest.

      • Anonymous says:

        We really like Lady, but I think it’s important to go in with “bedtime story” fixed in your brain, otherwise the story logic can annoy.

        Happening greatly disappointed. Like Signs, there’s a weird thread and a relationships thread running through the movie. Unlike Signs, they don’t intertwine very well, and they never really meet. Happening seemed very disconnected.

        –Jeff Stehman

  2. That’s kind of dorky about Avatar, but I think the extreme prettiness of the actors bugs me more than the races. I am so sick of such pretty boys and girls on screen, ugh.

    I’m saying this knowing nothing about Avatar or the actors.

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